Monthly Archives: January 2016

People and Books

This new year 2016, start surrounding yourself with people who will help you become a better person! Who you spend time with is who you become! Think of the 5 persons you always spend time with. You will see that you all have the same mindsets, mannerisms, manner of talking, even your salary range is the same! That’s why be careful who you spend time with!

Look for people whom you can learn from. Surround yourself with people who has the ability to encourage you and inspire you to become better. It would be great that in every facet of your life, you have someone to mentor you or coach you. You should have friends whom you can also learn from. There should be someone who can guide you in the area of spirituality, family, marriage, parenting, finances, business or to what career you are pursuing right now.

Invest also in books that will sharpen your mind and help you dream bigger dreams. Books allow you to reach endless possibilities. Books also give you unlimited connections to successful people. You can easily be ahead in your chosen field if you read books that are relevant in your life. Learn from those authors who have been there and done that. I always believe that experience is not the best teacher. Learning from other people’s experiences and mistakes is the best teacher!

Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Always grab that opportunity to educate yourself. Remember that rich people values education, while poor people values entertainment.

This 2016, invest on these 2 words: People and Books.