Change is constant, so is God.


Have you ever heard the saying, “The only thing constant in this world is change” ? Well that quote is trustworthy. Everything in this world changes.

The prices of commodities change. Our age is new every year. Fashion trends evolve. Stock market is always unpredictable. Mark Caguioa’s hairstyle is ever changing every PBA conference. Colors fade. Batteries get depleted. There’s a new iPhone every year. TV series ends and a new one comes along.

Everything changes. Today is a lot different than yesterday. Tomorrow is exactly as different as today.

People also change. One day you’re with them, the next day they are gone. Today they may care, the next day they may not. Today they may not care, tomorrow they may. Nothing in this world is bankable. No one on this world is constant. Everybody is changing. Maybe for better, may be for worse.

It may sound negative, or pessimistic, or bitter I guess. But you know, everything and everyone may change, for me it would still be okay. Really, really okay. Why? Because we still have God.

God will always be the only constant presence in our life. He is our fortress. Our immovable rock. He is the uniqueness from all the mediocrity. He is the good news from all the bad news. He is the stability from all the chaos. He is the hope from all the disappointments. He is the one that is the same despite all the changes. Because He truly never changes.

In Hebrews 13:8, the Bible says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”  Also in Malachi 3:6, God said, “I am the LORD, and I do not change.” That is God Himself defining Himself. He doesn’t change! He is always the same! He is truly reliable and trustworthy!

I believe that people change and everything  is temporary in order for us to appreciate our God even more. So that we will rely on Him not on people. That we will count on Him rather than the riches of this world. That we will not take Him for granted rather we will be excited about Him.

The uncertainty and unreliability of this world just makes our God stand out. And as He stand out we can know Him in a fresher way. We can love Him in a deeper way. We can worship Him in a more intimate way. And we’ll have an ever growing relationship with Him.

So people may again change and the world may be square tomorrow, it’s okay. Because we have a God that doesn’t change. Great is the faithfulness and goodness of our Lord! We can bank on it!


About edwardgenesis

Follower of Jesus. Filipino. EcE. Sports buff. Movie enthusiast.

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