Gilas Pilipinas shows Killer Instinct against Uzbekistan, a new arsenal of Filipinos.


Team Gilas Pilipinas won its second straight game as it routed Uzbekistan, 85-50, at the FIBA Asia Cup 2012 at Tokyo, Japan. Sharpshooter Jeff Chan led the team with 20 points, hitting 4 of 7 from rainbow territory. The Philippine National Team is now 2-1 in the Group A standings and will meet Team Macau tomorrow morning at 10:30 am.

After a morale-boosting win yesterday against a strong opponent in Lebanon, Gilas Pilipinas started from where they left off and pounded the Uzbekistan National Team. The team showed again an excellent execution of the dribble-drive offense, established a swarming defense, went berserk on fastbreak, and consistently hit their outside shots. Gilas Pilipinas also got great support from their bench. Rico Villanueva, Jay-R Reyes and newly discovered pinoy basketball talent in Matt Ganuelas Rosser made valuable on-court contributions and provided rest for the starters. By the way Rosser showed great potential and at the same time provided the team with energy and excitement as he finished the game with an impressive stat line of 8 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals, 1 tomahawk dunk, 1 hang-time move and an 8-inch Afro.

Last night, the Filipinos showed resiliency. Today, they showed killer instinct.

How many times do we see today people relaxing when they get their heads above water. Complacency sinks in. A comfort zone is found. It’s normally a trap that we Filipinos fall for. A stage of buffer becomes a lid to growth, an open door for mediocrity and a hindrance to success.

But Team Gilas Pilipinas knows exactly well that no lead is safe, and complacency will make them fall short of the ultimate goal, and that is winning the coveted FIBA Asia Cup. As a very popular phrase would always tell us, “Strike while the iron is hot.”, Gilas Pilipinas best epitomized that. The team created a lead and never allowed it to diminish. They kept adding and adding points to the scoreboard, made stops after stops after stops and never again looked back. Learning a lesson from an earlier defeat against China where they blew up a 4th quarter lead, Team Gilas Pilipinas showed another weapon from its arsenal, and that is Killer Instinct.

It’s not just the Philippine National Basketball Team, but Filipinos today are really on a new gear. We can see a lot of Filipinos excelling and excelling because they never become too complacent, rather they become even more dedicated to success. Filipinos have that new found game face: “killer instinct mode”. Strike while the iron is hot! Make the most out of every opportunity!

It’s really a brand new season for Filipinos. It’s a new spirit, a new confidence and a new emanation.

Those days were Filipinos are bullied, ridiculed and belittled are now over. Filipinos are now growing, learning and excelling.

Gilas Pilipinas showed that today. The Philippine National Team represented every Filipino very, very well.


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