Why do we need to write a blog?

I myself is also wondering why we should write a blog. That’s the thought that has been lingering in my mind as I begin to write this note.

Would a topic that we would write will make a difference in our life? Or will it be just an additional kilobyte in the huge bandwidth of the world wide web? So what’s in it for us?

I believe we, as human beings, have an innate longing to be heard. No matter if someone’s listening or appears to be listening, you know it doesn’t matter as long us we air what is in our hearts. Our thoughts are like the smoke in a car’s engine that if we don’t let it out, the engine we’ll have a problem. In analogy, the engine is equal to our hearts. And majority of us probably doesn’t want any heart issues.

So to blog or not to blog is our decision on what conduit we will use to let out the thoughts and shouts of our minds, our hearts, our souls, even of our will. Sometimes we talk to God to say what we feel or what we think, sometimes to the people in our lives. Some use art to express what’s inside of them. Some use music. Some use sports. Some use force. Some use words. 

Today I choose words.

One word carry a number of definitions, a set of synonyms and antonyms, and a variety of translations. But for me a single word would represent thousands of emotions and thoughts that’s circling in my mind, running in my veins, pounding in my heart and lingering in my soul.

Words can shoulder the weight of these emotions, feelings and thoughts. And it can be so liberating to an individual.

That’s why today, I start to express using words. Today I found my reason to blog. Now i know why I need to write a blog.


About edwardgenesis

Follower of Jesus. Filipino. EcE. Sports buff. Movie enthusiast.

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